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Ready to make a positive change? Beginning counseling can help you gain new skills to face life’s challenges in healthier and more productive ways. 

If you are ready to move ahead with healthy, bible-based solutions, today is the day to get started. Whether you need to get past marital difficulties, move past your trauma, learn to cope with life situations, or find strategies to overcome stress, anxiety, or loss; then take the next step and make a quick call to set up an appointment with Cathy. 

Cathy Molloy uses both clinical processes and biblical strategies in every session to help you make measurable steps toward healthy, balanced, biblical living.

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Cathy MOLLOY also offers convienient ONLINE services!

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Cathy Molloy also delivers telehealth appointments online. Your video telehealth counseling session provides easy access via smart phone, tablet or computer in the comfort of your private space. 

It’s simple, convenient and confidential.

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